Mr. Popper's Penguins Brings Great Fun to the Classroom!

One of the favorite novel units that I did during the year was Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater!

Mr. Popper spends most the year painting or papering walls for the people of Stillwater. During winter though he gets to take a break and explore his real passion, the Antarctic--at least in books! Mr. Popper resigns himself to this quiet life, until one day a mysterious package arrives from his favorite Antactic explorer, Admiral Drake! Pretty soon the Poppers have a house full of penguins, an ice rink in the basement, and an ever-increasing bill for raw fish and canned shrimp. Time to take this show on the road! The book is chocked full of hilarious situations that make kids laugh and their imaginations to soar!

Recently I updated my unit with new clipart, new vocabulary activities, and added an assessment component.

The unit still contains comprehension questions for every chapter, as well as some extended activities to take the reading even farther.

Mr. Popper's Penguins is a fun read and I highly recommend it for classroom or home use. With the new movie coming out June 17th, starring Jim Carrey, kids will want to read this book all the more!

As always I highly recommend reading the book prior to viewing the movie. So get started! You can find my teaching unit to accompany the novel for a download at Teachers Pay Teachers, or on a CD mailed to you from Teachers Pay Teachers and Amazon! Check it out!


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  1. I read this book to my second graders this last year. They loved it. The movie trailer looks nothing like the book. I hate that they do that. Thanks for sharing this in the great giveaway. I hope I win.