Interactive Science Notebook

If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile you'll know I am a bit of a NASA fan. I was very saddened to hear the news last weekend of the death of Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong was a true American hero and an inspiration for everyone. When reading the various stories about Mr. Armstrong over the past few days I came across this quote from him that I love:

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."

This quote embodies what we do in the education world. We hope to create wonder in our students so that they will desire to understand and learn.

I had been working on putting together an interactive science notebook to help teachers and students organize their science resources when I came across this quote. It prompted me to add a section to my notebook that I call the Why/How Does... section. This section integrates writing into the science curriculum.  Everyday (or however often you want) students will write a Why/How does... statement. Why/How does... is a statement that asks the student to pick something that they wonder about and ask why it works the way it does, or how does it work? By creating these Why/How does... statements on a regular basis students will start looking at the world with more wonder and be on the lookout for new things to write about that interest them.

Writing these daily Why/How does... statements do not take much time. It can be used as a sponge activity or bellringer activity as the student comes into the classroom. 

My Interactive Science Notebook is now complete and I have it listed in my store. I have created three versions: 1-3rd grade, 4-5th grade, and 6-8th grade versions. The main difference in the versions is the size of the writing lines, clipart used, and some of the scientific vocabulary. The 6-8th grade version also contains a Periodic Table reference chart that the others do not.

All of the versions contain the following:
•Cover for the notebook
•Teacher Directions
•Teacher plans for the WHY/HOW DOES writing activities
•Why/How Does... writing page

•Experiment pages for note taking and reflecting

•Unfamiliar vocabulary page

•Scientific Method reference chart
•Metric Measurement reference chart
•Standard Measurement reference chart
•Neil Armstrong quote 8.5"x22" bulletin board decor

•Labels for organizing the binder including blank labels that you can customize.

This Interactive Science Notebook is a great way to keep your students organized and encourage them to write daily to increase their wonder and desire to understand! Check them all out in my Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook stores!

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