My Favorite Freebie

Joining in for a fun Linky Party on 2nd Grade Pad's Blog to celebrate favorite FREE products!

The product I chose as my favorite freebie is actually one I just created yesterday!

I created this item not for my classroom or for my customers, but for my 2nd grade son. Sam has struggled with handwriting issues since preschool and has been receiving some awesome OT services since Kindergarten. Sam has started off second grade at a brand new school with a great teacher. One of the ongoing activities throughout the year is to read chapter books at home and complete a "Book Report" form to return. Once he has turned in 10 reports he gets a prize.

Last week Sam completed his first book and we sat down to complete his report form. The form he received at school was designed with small boxes and very thin lines to write in. His teacher had found it on the internet. Sam became very frustrated and didn't want to complete his project. He said he didn't care if he got a prize. I know he loves reading and the activity itself was great, the problem was the design of the sheet. Yesterday, with permission from his teacher, I sat down and designed a new sheet that is more visually appealing and open, hence Book Report Fun!

Since this item is so very close to my heart I have chosen Book Report Fun! as my favorite freebie! Please download it for free from The Teaching Bank store.

It is great to use as Sam does, at home, or in the classroom to monitor student's independent reading comprehension. It helps those with OT issues like Sam but is regular enough for any student to use in the primary grades. I hope it will become as useful in your classroom as much as it has for us!