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Looking for some Holiday and/or Winter Ideas?

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be so busy in the classroom. We also have to deal with shortened weeks, holiday program practices and performances, holiday parties, and worst of all the pre-holiday energy that makes the students extra antsy this time of year!

It's hard to start any big units because you don't want the holiday break to fall mid-unit so short activities that are fun, colorful, yet reinforce important skills become all the more valuable in the month of December!

I have added some items to my product line to hopefully make this time of year a little easier for you and more fun for your students! Check out the new offerings:

Literacy Center Activities for Grades K-2:

Holiday Cookie Hard G and Soft G Sorting Center and Holiday Cookie Hard C and Soft C Sorting Center are manipulative activities to help reinforce the Hard/Soft G and Hard/Soft C sounds.

Building Snowmen with the H Brothers Center! TH, SH, CH, WH Blends

Building Snowmen with the H Brothers Center is a manipulative activity to help reinforce the TH, SH, CH, WH consonant blends/digraphs.


Math Center Activities for Grades 1-4:
 Holiday Cookie Shopping~Money Counting/Making Change Math Center

"Holiday Cookie Shopping" is a fun manipulative Math center activity to give practice with adding, subtracting, money counting, and making change.

I hope these activities can make your holiday season a little easier and brighter!

Happy Holidays from The Teaching Bank!