Great Book for Reluctant Readers

One of the biggest frustrations I have as a parent is that my oldest son is a reluctant reader. He reads fine and does well in school but he has zero interest in reading for pleasure outside of an assignment. When he has read books for assignments he just gets through them and rarely enjoys the process. As a person who loves to read for enjoyment this drives me crazy! I have so many happy childhood memories of reading and I couldn't wait to share my love of reading with my kids. I have read books to my kids since they were born. I have shelves and shelves of books for all levels and genres. My son does love reading together, even now as a middle-school student he enjoys listening to a good book, he just doesn't care to do it himself!

A few weeks ago my son came home from school and started talking about this book that his class was studying, Hatchet.

Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, is a book about a 13 year old boy who survives a plane crash but is left stranded alone in the Canadian wilderness. Of course I had heard of this book before. I knew it was a popular well respected novel, but honestly it just never appealed to me enough to read it. But this novel was now doing something no other book had done before. It was sparking an interest in my son! He told me it was a fantastic book and he hated to have to wait until the next day to continue reading. He wanted to sit down and read it as fast as he could! He's never felt that way about a book before! Each day he would come home from school and voluntarily tell me all about the chapter he had read that day! Seeing this book spark so much excitement in him made me want to read it too so I bought it and started to read it out loud to all my kids. I have to agree it is a very compelling story that really draws you in. Only thing I didn't like was Gary Paulsen's writing style of repeating a thought more than once. It was a little annoyance, it did not overshadow the greatness of this book!

Since I saw firsthand how much this book drew my reluctant reader in I knew I needed to get to work and create a novel unit to accompany the book so I could share this experience with other teachers and parents of reluctant readers! I am happy to say that my Hatchet Novel Unit is now available. It contains daily teacher lesson plans, student vocabulary activities, comprehension questions, and assessment options for vocabulary and comprehension. Answer keys are provided for everything. I have also aligned the Common Core Standards for Grades 5-8 with the unit to make it easy for the teacher to get started using this wonderful novel right away in their classrooms.

If you are looking for a thought provoking novel unit for grades 5-8 to draw in your reluctant readers please check out my Hatchet Novel Unit in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, Teacher's Notebook Store, or on CD at Amazon.

October 5th Birthday Celebration Sale!

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