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Spending the Summer with Katniss Everdeen, Willy Wonka, and Jigsaw Jones!

Summer vacation is almost upon us. That means I will have 3 kids home and looking for something to do! Every summer I plan some reading and math activities for my kids to keep them fresh and ready to return to school in the fall. This summer I have planned the following for reading:

My oldest son will be going into 7th grade next year. He has pretty much gone through all my novel units and is ready to branch out. We decided The Hunger Games would be a great novel to choose since he really wants to see the movie and I won't let him until he's read the book! I read the entire series a couple months ago and I loved all of the books! I can't wait for Joey to read it so we can have some real in-depth discussions and go to the movie together. Since I do not have any activities to go with this book I turned to the TpT expert, Tracee Orman! She had so many wonderful products to choose from but I felt that her product, Hunger Games Q & A Chap. 1-27 + Arena Activity, Chap. Summaries, would be the best fit for our summer work since it would be a single student instead of an entire classroom. I can't wait to get started!

My daughter will be going into 4th grade next year. Since I taught 4th grade more than any other, this is my specialty! There are so many fun books to choose from. I plan to start off with one of my favorite books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! This was one of my very favorite units to teach and I can't wait to have that fun with my daughter!

My youngest son will be going into 2nd grade next year. This will really be the first summer that he will get to complete one of my novel units. We plan to start with Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Missing Baseball Cards. Sam really loves sports and collects cards of his own so this should be right up his alley! It is a great book to start chapter book reading.

So that is what I have planned to start off with for the summer with my kids. They start out each day with a school work assignment and some household chores before they head outside to enjoy the sunshine. Helps them transition back into school a little easier in August too! Check out my store at Teacher's Pay Teachers, or any of the hundreds of other great stores (like Tracee's) for some ideas for your kids for some fun summer learning!