Does Texting Erode Kids' Grammar Skills?

Read an interesting story in the newspaper this morning about the effects of texting on the grammar skills of the tween/teen set:

This particular quote caught my eye:

"Basically, kids aren't able to "code switch" -- shift between standard grammar and the abbreviations used in text messages, Sundar said. Those abbreviations have essentially become the words for them.
Adults not raised on text-friendly abbreviations in their formative years are able to shift between formal and informal language, Sundar said. Kids consuming a steady diet of "textual adaptations" aren't."

How can we help our students learn to "code switch" so that they can utilize the convenience of texting but still be able to use the proper conventions of grammar, spelling, and punctuation? In 2010 I created a product, Alien Text Talk, that fits the bill. With Alien Text Talk the student is given a passage in "text speak". The student needs to translate the passage into regular English using the proper conventions of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. For example:

Passage:      n Aug he didnt nvr do gud

Answer:       He didn’t do well in August.

Find the complete product here:

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