It's a GO for Endeavour!

Space Shuttle Endeavour launched this morning with a technically perfect countdown (unlike April 29!).
Photo credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight Now
It was a beautiful launch but I sure wish I had been at Kennedy Space Center instead of watching it at home on TV! 

I had to share a portion of my daughter's journal from school telling the story of our Endeavour launch experience. I think that is me yelling NO!

Even though I am heartbroken that I wasn't there in person I am very happy the crew and all the NASA workers that make it all possible experienced a flawless launch! The mission is very interesting, they are taking the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer ( a $2 billion instrument) to the ISS (International Space Station). AMS is the exotic experiment to prove the existence or myth of antimatter, seek out dark matter and probe the origins of the universe.You can read more of the technical explanation here:
My continued good wishes to the Endeavour crew and the whole NASA family for a successful mission!

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