Flat Stanley for the Classroom

Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown, is a fun book that is wonderful to use in the classroom. The activities that can be branched off this book across the curriculum are numerous. The story is about a boy named Stanley who has an accident with a large bulletin board that flattens him. Stanley then goes on to have a series of adventures as "Flat Stanley". The book asks the reader to suspend reality and go along for the ride. Students really have a fun time reading Flat Stanley and participating in the extension activities.

I originally created a unit for Flat Stanley back in 2005. Recently I revamped the unit. 
I gave it a new look with some really cute clip art and added some additional vocabulary activities, expanded the answer keys, and added an assessment section. 

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Short Answer Assessment

I also changed the Flat Stanley pattern for the extension activity. There is now a girl and a boy pattern to make it easier for the student to personalize.

Completing the Flat Stanley project with your class can be a really fun learning experience. Each student will create his or her own personalized flat character (usually named after themselves). They will ask a relative or friend that lives in a different place to take their character on an adventure and report back. Most of the helpers really get into the fun and make it really fun for the student to share their results.  My daughter made her "Flat Ally" and her grandpa took Flat Ally along on a week long trip to San Diego. Grandpa had a lot of fun with Flat Ally and posed for numerous pictures. Grandpa and Ally were able to take the footage and create a book of Flat Ally's Adventures to share with the class. Below is a link for you to view the Flat Ally Adventure!

Flat Ally Project

I think Grandpa enjoyed it more than Ally! He still talks about how much fun it was to have Flat Ally on his trip. Your students and/or children will have an equally exciting adventure!

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Clipart: http://www.scrappindoodles.com/

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