Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing! A Great Book to use in the Classroom at Great Savings!

One of my favorite novels to use in the classroom is the classic,
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, by Judy Blume!

Every 4th grade school year I started out with this book as our first novel unit. It is such a humorous book, yet still opens itself to many discussions and activities that can be tied to the curriculum and standards. Children can so relate with the main character, Peter Hatcher, and his struggles to get through the everyday life of a typical 4th grader. Throw in the antics of younger brother, Fudge, and you are in for a treat! I have never had a child tell me they didn't enjoy this book. Most all are fighting over who gets to read the sequel, Superfudge, as soon as we finish the unit!

My youngest son, is now in the 4th grade and I was able to enjoy this book, and Superfudge, with him over the summer. We so enjoyed laughing together as we discussed the story. His older brother and sister, also remembering this book fondly, enjoyed chiming in many times to let Sam know just how much like Fudge he could be!

Great news came across my desk this week when my son brought home the September 2014 Scholastic Fourth Grade Book Order. On the cover Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, was highlighted as the bargain of the month, offered for only $1! Yes, that's right, only $1 per book! This is a fantastic time to stock up for your classroom library or build up a classroom set for a novel unit study or literature circles! 

Head to scholastic and save today! Work this fantastic, classic children's novel into your classroom this year. You, and your students, will not be sorry!

Please check out my Common Core aligned Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Novel Unit available in my store.

See August 2011 blog post for more details!

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