My Son is Famous! ;)

My 9 year old son was on the news this morning with his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Stutzman, from Whitetail Elementary School. Mrs. Stutzman went above and beyond in creating the Wednesday Walkers Club this summer. Through the months of June and July every Wednesday morning we could drop our child off at her house at 8 AM. The group would take a walk around the neighborhood, share their summer adventures, and get some quality fun time with her toddler son. We'd pick them up at 9:30 or she's even drive them home! She went so far above and beyond the classroom and I am so grateful and in awe of her!

Click the link for the video:

Sam is the blond boy in the neon yellow shirt with gray shorts. He was so excited to participate, not just in the news feature, but in the Wednesday Walkers Club all summer. He adores Mrs. Stutzman and she is deserving of every accolade given! She is a fantastic teacher and I am grateful that Sam has her in his life! :)

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