Using The Indian in the Cupboard in the Classroom

The Indian in the Cupboard, written by Lynne Reid Banks, is a wonderful book to use for a novel study or for literature circles in the classroom. The Indian in the Cupboard, was first published in 1980, and was so popular it was made into a feature film in 1995. A fantasy that both boys and girls can relate to catches the interest of the most reluctant readers.

Summary of The Indian in the Cupboard:

(from the book jacket)

When Omri's big brother has no birthday present for him, he gives Omri an old wooden medicine cabinet he's found. The cabinet doesn't seem like much of a present to nine-year-old Omri, until he deposits inside it another present he receives for his birthday: a miniature plastic Indian. His mother comes up with a key for the cabinet, and the real magic begins. When Omri turns the key once, the Indian, named Little Bear, comes alive; but turn the key a second time and it's an ordinary plastic Indian again.
Author Lynne Reid Banks effectively blends the common elements of everyday life with utterly believable fantasy. The first book in this best-selling series enchants readers, while at the same time, reminding them of the responsibilities that accompany friendship and love. Omri's heart-wrenching decision to send his Indian back to its own world, brings up issues of separation for both parents and children alike.
This is a great novel to accompany a study of:
• Research Native Americans.
• Research the Iroquois Nation.
• Research the different Native American shelters such as teepees and longhouses.
• Research the American West in the 1800’s.
• Explore appropriate methods of conflict resolution.
• Investigate the French/Indian War.

I offer a complete novel study to accompany The Indian in the Cupboard for use in the classroom or homeschool. The unit includes both a printable format and a Google Drive™ format for use in a paperless classroom or with Google Classroom.

Here's a preview sample of my The Indian in the Cupboard Novel Study:

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