Day 4 of the Exciting Adventures of Flat Tucker!

We woke up to Day 4 of Flat Tucker's DC Adventure to some very different weather. Lots and lots of rain! Fortunately we did not have a lot of outdoor activities on our agenda!

After breakfast at the hotel we took the subway to the Holocaust Museum. There are no photos allowed in this museum. This museum is a very interesting, yet disturbing museum. You learn and see a great deal about the Holocaust, the persecution of the Jewish people from Nazi Germany from 1933-1945. To comprehend this history and to see it visually can be disturbing and very sobering. It is important to learn about this history though, because as people we need to learn from it so as not to repeat it.

After leaving the museum we trekked in the rain, which seemed fitting after that subject matter, over to the Air and Space Museum. The mood here was much more upbeat.

This museum is very large and full of planes and space artifacts. We got to touch a moon rock, saw the Command Modules from John Glenn's first orbit of the Earth and Apollo 11's flight to the moon. We also saw a model of the Lunar Module that Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin used to land on the moon.

Apollo 11 Command Capsule
Apollo 11 Lunar Module

From space to the very first flight we saw the plane of the Wright Brothers. It was amazing in the fact that they must have been crazy to have the guts to actually ride on such a thing! You'd certainly think looking at this plane that one or both of the brothers surely ended up dying in a plane crash or some other risky accident, but Wilbur died at the age of 45 of Typhoid Fever and Orville at the age of 76 of a heart attack.

The Wright Brothers Plane
After touring the museum we stopped in the gift shop to purchase some space ice cream and headed back outside to more rain and to find the temperature had dropped significantly! Thankfully the subway was only a couple blocks away!

Took the subway over near the White House to have a nice dinner at a restaurant, The Old Ebbitt Grill, that boasts it is "The Oldest Saloon in Washington"! It was established in 1856! It was a neat place. There were animal heads over the bar, one was a walrus, that are said to have been bagged by Teddy Roosevelt! I had delicious crab cakes and Joey had "the Good Burger" which he said lived up to its name! We may even try going back again before we leave DC!

Even though we were in the restaurant for quite awhile the rain was still holding strong outside so we made a mad dash the few blocks back to the hotel to warm up for the night! Thank goodness Flat Tucker is laminated!  Weather forecast says it will be cooler for the rest of our stay, but supposed to be dry! I hope the weather forecaster is correct!

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