Happy International Literacy Day!

What a great day to celebrate! I love reading, have always loved reading! I love reading to my kids, my students, myself! I love quality literature, I love not so quality literature! ;) I love magazines and the old dinosaurs, newspapers! I see a value in all kinds of reading. Reading is to gain knowledge, but it is also to entertain and enjoy.

I have read thousands of books in my lifetime and I have to say my very favorite are the seven books of the Harry Potter series. So in honor of International Literacy Day I am going to discuss my favorite!

There is a reason this series is so popular, why they make non-readers spend hours with their noses in the books! There is no other literary world that has drawn me in quite like the world that J.K. Rowling has created. I have read the books multiple times. I will never tire of reading them.

Last year I read the series from start to finish to my three children. What a wonderful bonding experience it was for us. I can't describe how magical it was to reveal this world to my children. It is by far one of my most treasured experiences with my kids. Of course they fell in love with Harry's world as much as I did. We got so into it we planned an impromptu trip to Universal Studios last January just to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It lived up to the hype. It was such a fantastical trip, literally walking into the books. The attention to detail was phenomenal!
This July I was finally able to go to the midnight opening of a Harry Potter movie. In the past I have always gone alone on opening day but felt it would be odd to go alone to the opening midnight show. This year my two oldest kids, Joey and Ally, were old enough to join me! We headed to the theater, the kids armed with the wands they purchased in Florida! It was so much fun to sit amongst all the die hard Harry Potter fans in the theater and see the book come to life on film. I have to admit I was pretty choked up at the end, not because the story was too sad, but because it was the end! For 12 years I have anticipated the book and movie releases and now we had reached the end. No other book has touched me in quite this way.

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Go grab your favorite book and have a Happy International Literacy Day!

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