Going Back to School? Check Out this Goldmine of Resources!

It's back to school time and there has been a great deal of collaborating going on over at Teachers Pay Teachers. The generous and gracious teacher stores, Deanna Jump (K-2), Elementary Solutions (3-5), Wise Guys (3-5),  Tracee Orman (6-12), All Things Algebra (6-12), Michele Luck's Social Studies (6-12), and Science Stuff (6-12), have spent a huge amount of time organizing gigantic Back to School eBooks for their respective grade levels that include hundreds of tips, freebies, and products from many wonderful and talented TpT sellers.

Their hard work is your goldmine! Check out the links below to download the book/books that are best for your grade. Make sure you have set aside some time because you will be busy taking notes, printing off resources, and creating a myriad of lesson plans!

I hope you enjoy all these Back to School resources! 

Thank you so much to Deanna Jump, Elementary Solutions, Wise Guys, Tracee Orman, All Things Algebra, Michele Luck's Social Studies, and Science Stuff for donating their time and talent so that these books/resources could be made available to deserving teachers and students worldwide!

 Best Wishes on a wonderful school year!

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