Busy Summer Means Neglected Blog! Part 1

As you can see by the posting dates my blog has been very neglected this summer! For this I am very sorry! I have been very busy behind the scenes on The Teaching Bank stuff though! I have undertaken two very big projects that I have been working hard to get completed prior to the Back to School rush!

Today I am going to tell you about the first big thing I spent most the summer working on, well actually the last 2.5 years, aligning all my novel units to the Common Core Standards! I tweaked the format a bit this past spring/summer though and instead of a long listing I changed the alignment to a checklist format. Each activity within the unit has a checklist which shows each standard that it is aligned to. Hopefully this will make organization and management much easier for YOU the classroom teacher as you transition to the Common Core Standards.

All 76 units that I offer are aligned to Common Core Standards in this way. Each Novel Unit listing in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store offers a free preview that shows the complete Common Core Alignment Checklist so you know exactly how it is aligned before you purchase. Check out these examples from my Charlotte's Web and  Holes Units:


After creating the checklists for the novel units I figured the checklists would be handy as blank checklists for organization and management to help keep track of all the Common Core activities that teachers will need to track throughout the curriculum so I also offer the generic checklists by grade level:

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