School's Almost Out! Blog Hop and Giveaway!

The words "school's almost out" bring joy to many student and teacher's ears! We all start to get restless as that calendar turns and the days start counting down, along with the new warmth of spring making us want to be outside and not in! The end of the school year was always bittersweet for me because like many of you I was ready for that break, but many of my kids would be apprehensive about the end of the school year. I taught in an inner city school and my 4th graders brought with them many challenges from the neighborhood. School was the one true place many of them could feel safe and just "be kids". Many of the kids, especially the girls, in my class had a lot of responsibility at home in helping care for younger siblings. School was a place they could come and get 2 hot meals served to them and only have to take care of themselves. As we neared the end of the year I would see the mood in my students conflicted with excitement for the upcoming summer, but also a sort of a dread at missing their "stable" place.

To combat these feelings I would do a lot of group activities. We were always a family in my classroom and as we neared the end we worked and played together as a family. We would create a yearbook of favorite memories and sign each other's books with comments and anecdotes of the past year. Even though I kept the behavior and classroom management as consistent as I could I would veer off the course on a nice sunny, spring day and we'd all head outside for a classroom game of kickball, me included! It's amazing how much the kids enjoyed having me participate in their kickball game. I have to admit I enjoyed it just as much! ;)

Best advice I have for that "school's almost out" time is to keep things consistent but be cognizant of how the students may be feeling about the year ending. Their feelings may be a bit conflicted and sometimes you just need to put down those lesson plans and head out in the sun for a game of kickball!

I've created a free activity that you can use to help your students bring the year to a close and yet still feel connected to your classroom.

Future Student Letter ~ End of the Year Activity is a fun activity to fill time during the end of the year slump. These letters also translate into back to school fun for the new students who get to read the letters on the first day of school!

To help you with those end of the year issues I have joined into a blog hop with some fantastic teachers and bloggers who have some great ideas for this special end of the year time. Please hop over to all the blogs and check them out!

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  Hop over and check it all out!

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