The Space Shuttle Experience Unit! FREE!!

As I mentioned in a previous post I am planning to attend the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch on April 19, 2011! I received my confirmation last week from NASA and Senator Mike Johanns (NE) that I was granted tickets on the NASA Causeway which is the closest viewing site for the general public! Of course I am beyond excited as this is a lifelong dream of mine!

There is a dilemma though, I will need to pull my kids (5th, 2nd, & Kindergarten) out of school for the experience. To make this experience even more educational I wanted my kids to do some research into the shuttle before the launch to broaden their experience. I also want them to keep a record of this once in a lifetime experience. I decided to create a unit that each of my kids could use to reach these goals. I created a version for 2-6th grade and a K-2nd grade version.

I figured there are probably other parents/teachers out there that could use these materials so I am sharing them for free at Teachers Pay Teachers. I hope that others can benefit from and enjoy the information that they learn while viewing the miraculous experience of a space shuttle launch!

The Space Shuttle Experiencee Unit for K-6

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