Another Frugal Friday code and some additional stuff!

Having another Frugal Friday sale at my store 3/11/11. Only 24 hours starting at midnight PST. This week's deal is 50% off your entire order of The Teaching Bank teaching unit CD's. Use code FRFRDY50 at check out.

I haven't posted any new blog entries in awhile and for good reason! I am currently updating my current novel units. Adding some additional vocabulary activities and just sharpening the image a bit.  I am also adding some assessment items to the units. I have already completed updates on Frindle, The Report Card, and The Last Holiday Concert all by Andrew Clements as well as Voyage of the Dawn Treader by CS Lewis. If you have purchased these units in the past as a download from Teachers Pay Teachers you will get an email allowing you to download the revised version with the updates included.

I am also keeping busy planning a trip to Florida to see the space shuttle Endeavour launch on (hopefully) 4/19/11. Senator Mike Johanns of NE has had me on his list for launch tickets to the NASA Causeway since 1/2010 and I am hopeful that I am one of the lucky people to receive them since I asked so dang early! I am a space shuttle nut! I have always dreamed of seeing a launch and I decided with there being only a few left I better get it checked off my bucket list before my chance runs dry! I not only want to see the launch I want to hear and really FEEL it. My trip has been postponed many times. Originally the launch date was 7/29/10 and was moved to November, then February, then April 1, and now finally April 19th. I spent way too much time on the NASA TV online feed tonight watching Endeavour being rolled out from the VAB to launch pad 39-A! The picture below shows Endeavour on the crawler that will deliver it to the pad. Now that Discovery is back and my shuttle is on the launch pad it is seeming more and more real that this may happen! I will keep you all updated!

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